This is HealthLink

HealthLink is China‘s leading provider of Emergency Medical Assistance Services, Third Party Administrator services, and mobile health services. We provide full comprehensive solutions in areas of automotive telematics medical services, elderly emergency homecare services, and travel assistance services. We act as seamless end to end healthcare solution provider to corporate clients in finance, insurance, telecommunication, travel, automotive industries.  Value added services include full green channel hospital access, customized genetic screening and testing, long term disease management, 24-hour phone access medical consultation, etc.

HeathLink is committed to creating the best healthcare resource and service platform through innovative technology, and to establish a professional seamless green channel network for its clients. Our network include almost 100 emergency ambulance centers in all major cities throughout China, thousands of the best hospitals in the country, and a global network of assistance partners covering over 200 countries worldwide.

Adhering to the principle of efficiency, professionalism and reliability, HealthLink’s team of fully medically trained professional staff are available 24 hours a day on standby to fulfill our users’ every healthcare need.