About ICAA

The International Chinese Assistance Alliance

To spend one’s holiday overseas was once a luxury for most Chinese families; today it is a yearly routine for many of its upwardly-mobile middle class. This growing trend is giving a boost to the global assistance market and related industry alike.

In 2014 alone, some 109 million Chinese people went abroad, contributing some 3.25 trillion yuan (524.6 billion US dollars) to the global tourism market, a report by China News Service. In the future, Chinese will make up 20 percent of the world’s foreign tourists by 2023, a report by Spain-based Amadeus IT Group SA said. The number of Chinese families able to afford overseas holidays will double in the next 10 years.

The huge market potential has prompted hotels, tourist sites and airlines to look at China as the next potent growth point, at same time, give the global assistance market and related industry a huge business opportunity. However, the weak self-risk management awareness, and lack of publicity, most of Chinese tourists still define the assistance services as ‘No necessary’. It requires concerted efforts to improve the Chinese tourists’awareness, thus open the huge potential market for the assistants companies.

The International Chinese Assistance Alliance ((referred to as ‘ICAA’) was built in such circumstances. By educating the Chinese tourists, cooperating with local insurance companies and local government organizations, and taking charge of assistant services for large-scale events, such as Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo, ICAA builds its own stable reputation in Chinese assistant market.

On a global scale, ICAA is built to unite the assistance companies, and related services suppliers such as: air ambulances, transport technicians, medical experts, legal advisors and so on, to explore the potential Chinese overseas travel assistance market. ICAA also devotes itself to help our partners grow their businesses and deliver quality health-related outcomes.

In the end, ICAA provides the best assistance services for foreigners in China. ICAA exclusively cooperate with the local biggest public rescue system ‘120’. We can provide the one of a kind bilingual services to satisfy your clients’ needs. By joining the International Chinese Assistance Alliance, you will benefit from:

Occupy the priority position to the Chinese market, especially for Chinese tourists’ assistance market.

Priority services providing for your clients needs in china.
Greater visibility in certain popular tourism route products.
Greater visibility in certain local insurance products.
Being part of a strong, valid, knowledge sharing network.
Best price/ quality ratio within network.

Official credentials from ICAA

Learn more information about ICAA, please find http://icaa.healthlink.cn/en/index.html